MASTER CCT adjustable or BIOdynamic LED strips with Medium power are High-end solution for every interior, where combining relax and work is crucial. While colder spectre is suitable for boosting productivity, warmer spectre is ideal for enhancing colour of wood or stone for example and enlighting a interior with warm pastel colours. Cold spectre can suppress creation of sleeping hormone (melatonine) thus causing human organism to be less sleepy. On the other hand warm spectre does support creation of this sleeping hormones and human bio-rythm. With PWM dimming controllers you are absolutely and precisely in charge of the mood and comfort of your interior. Even without dimming controllers it is possible to have 3 standard spectres - Warm white 2700K, neutral 4000K (Both channles on) and cold white 5700K. Cold-neutral spectre is ideal for minimalistic interior and working enviroment, Neutrall is suitable for most interiors, and warm white is suitable for relax and mood lighting, wooden or stone sculptures, etc. Its medium power is especially suitable for plasteboard indirect lighting with higher power, for recessed or various interior lines where medium power is ideal.

Colour options / Versions

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MASTER-BIO-MEDIUM CCT adjustable 2700 / 5700

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