MASTER Digital LED strips

Dynamic effects along lighting line and precize controll over every pixel individually with very high refresh rate, yet compatible with industry standards DMX 512/1990 is only fraction of advantages. It is possible to create not only moving colour effects, but unique sparkling or gently pulsing effects, both random and symetric too. With master DMX controller to programm and store your effects your limits are infinite. A single DMX 512 universe can controll upto 512 channels, that means a full 170pcs 3channel RGB LED lighting points, or 128pcs of 4channel RGBW LEDs, or simply 512 monochromatic LED Pixels. If the installation does contain more pixels, they can be either "mirrorred" almost infinitely, or simply with DMX controller supporting multiple DMX universes it is possible to controll another 512 channels.