MASTER HD Power LED strips

High Density power LED strips are designed especially for power lighting purpose of very uniform and difuss LED lines in low height Aluminium profiles. This series has several tiny details, which are important for professional lighting. For example the LEDs are assembled slightly to the side, causing all installations with Linear optics to focus slightly asymetrically to the side, thus creating very slight wallwasher effect. Another feature is its very high density in single row, causing the LED line with optics or clear cover to appear as diffused starting from 1m distance. Luminous flux of this LED strip is easpecially suitable for any power applications such as recessed main power lines in false ceilings, or kitchen lighting, or luminares made of slim difussed lines. This LED strip is possible to cool down in small profiles if surface mounted, or in slightly larger profiles if recessed. And offcourse, it contains constant current drivers, thus lifetime is not a concern.

Colour options / Versions

Order code Colour CCT (K) wavelength (nm)

MASTER-HD-POWER-W827 Super Warm White 2700K

MASTER-HD-POWER-W830 Warm White 3000K

MASTER-HD-POWER-W840 Neutral White 4000K

MASTER-HD-POWER-W857 Cold White 5700K





Files to download