LED strips

New generation of our LED strips intended for super long LED lones is so remarkable, that we dedicated completely new brandname LONGRUN. It has been developed to enlighten a very long LED lines in single run such as a large installations require : casínos, commercial centres, hotels, etc. On single power cable it is possible to connect upto 100m of LED strip (powered from centre) WITHOUT ANY ADDITIONAL cables and without loss of LED intensity anywhere on the line.Exceptional efficiency allowed to gain a very very tiny power needs, yet with the Luminous flux comparable to standard decorative LED stips found commonly on the market. FCB is beeing developed in a very detailed way, and offcourse with constant current drivers the LED strip does not generate any kind of heat, allowing to install the LED strips almost anywhere without needs for cooling profiles. Installation of such a solution is incredibly fast, cheap with minimum requirements and obstrictions, yet to be covered with standard 5 years warranty. This our product is revelotionary in installation speed : simply attach the LED strip on a firm surface and install a 1Km LED línie in similar time than a 20m line with standard LED strips.

Colour options / Versions

Order code Colour CCT (K) wavelength (nm)

LONGRUN-W822 Extra Warm White 2200K

LONGRUN-W827 Super Warm White 2700K

LONGRUN-W830 Warm White 3000K

LONGRUN-W840 Neutral White 4000K

LONGRUN-W857 Cold White 5700K





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