MASTER RGB Deco LED strips

Multicolour lighting RGB, RGBW or RGBA belongs to mood lighting category, suitable for all areas, where creating relaxing and eye-catching atmosphere is crucial. RGB LED strips with decorative power are suitable for low power installation, ideally with a little of surrounding natural light. RGB systems should not be used for intentions to create white colour, as the white spectre is mixed only from primary R+G+B colours it is not continuous and do lack of complex portions of light spectre. This kind of white, appears white but after very short time, it causes headaches, eye weekness, etc. If you need to use this colourfull lighting sometimes as normall white colour too, you need RGBW system, Using RGBW system gives great advantage too : it allows you to mix standard primary intensive colours but adding white channel allows you to gain more and soft, pastel colours which are absolutely not possible to mix in standard basic RGB system. In other words : RGBW system is enhanced multicolour system suitable for all high-tech applications where creating colourfull yet pleasant lighting with focus on users to feel comfortably is crucial. Using RGBW system gamut of colours created is much larger (pastel colours, sky blue, gentle shades of purple, salmon colours, etc.)

Suitable for :

  • Sauna and spa lighting
  • sign making
  • plasterboard and false ceiling lighting
  • advertising

Colour options / Versions

Order code Colour wavelength (nm)


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