MASTER RGB Power LED strips

RGB Power LED strips are High power linear light sources with constant current drivers, with great power. As this LED strip does not contain a independent white channel, colour from this LED strip can reach very high intensity, which is ideal for large area plasterboard ceilings, or translucent stretch foil ceilings, etc. It is suitable for all applications, where white normall ambent light is present even in higher intensity. Please do not use this LED strip for creating white spectre, as spectral quality created only from primary colours R+G+B is not continuous, this it is very unnatural for humans causing headaches, eye weekness, or fuzziness. To create full spectrum colourfull lighting atmosphere please use RGBW systems.

Suitable for :

  • Large area false ceiling lighting
  • Hotel, casino
  • Stretch foil ceilings

Colour options / Versions

Order code Colour wavelength (nm)


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